Research Lab:
Environmental & Water Resources Engineering


Research Lab: Environmental & Water Resources Engineering

Leader of the Research Group: Prof. Dr. Md. Rezaul Karim

Valuation of the Household Water Treatment Options for Safe Water Supply

Health Risk Assessment from the Contaminated Site at Hazaribagh

Sustainable Solid Wastes Management using 3R policies in Bangladesh
Being the largest and newest city corporation it needs investigation on overall solid waste management practices, problems and its solutions. This study is carrying out to investigate the current solid waste management practices, waste generation and composition pattern and analyze the positive outcomes allowing 3R policy into the system.

Feasibility and Reliability of Urban Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh

Leader of the Research Group: Dr. Mohammad Shahedur Rahman

Distribution system modeling

A robust infrastructure is important for any city. This project focused on assessment of water distribution of Banani, Dhaka. The system was modeled using EPANET and analyzed for pressure, velocity and fire demand. Existing bottlenecks for expansion and possible remediation was also analyzed.

Water infrastructure material quality

Water quality in distribution system depends on the water chemistry and pipe material. The project is focused on material sustainability and water quality in different parts of Dhaka city.

Water quality of surface water source

Dhaka city is surrounded by a number of rivers and canals. These rivers could be potential source from where water could be extracted for drinking purpose. But these rivers receive partially treated and untreated sewage effluent, sewage polluted surface run-off and untreated industrial effluent from nearby residential and industrial areas. In this project potentiality of Turag river as a surface water source for the northern part of Dhaka city was evaluated.