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Research Lab: Concrete & Structure Laboratory

Materials Testing Laboratory

  • Concrete Laboratory
  • The key purpose of the Concrete Laboratory is to provide hands on experience regarding tests related to construction materials such as cement, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, and mineral admixtures. The laboratory also facilitates a lot of research activities. The laboratory provides equipment for determining normal consistency of cement, initial and final setting time of cement, sieve analysis of aggregates, specific gravity and absorption capacity of aggregates, unit weight and voids in aggregates, slump of concrete, and test for direct compressive strength of concrete specimens etc. One laboratory oven is available to investigate the extraction of the supplementary cementing materials (SCM) from local resources. Investigations on the durability assessments of concrete such as RCPT, chloride ingress, and carbonation etc. are also being carried out. Temperature controlled tubs are also available where the concrete specimens can be cured. 

  • Transportation Materials Laboratory

  • Structural Testing Laboratory

    The structure laboratory plays a fundamental role in understanding the behavior of different structural elements. The lab is equipped with hydraulic powered Universal Testing Machine which is used to investigate the flexure and shear behavior of beams, tensile and compressive strength of specimens made with different materials. Equipment are also available to perform the buckling test of steel columns, hardness and impact tests of metal specimens. 

    Lab In-Charge: Prof. Dr. Md. Tarek Uddin

    Supporting Staff: Tanvir Ahmed

    Broad Research Areas Under This Lab: