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Research Lab: Hydraulic Laboratory

Islamic University of Technology’s Hydraulics Laboratory is part of a unique research facility designed for hydraulic model studies, hydraulic performance testing and research in the fields of open channel and closed conduit hydraulics. It is intended for research of hydraulic and hydro-technical problems of water structures and water management facilities by the means of physical modelling. Laboratory will determine properties of fluids, usage of various fluid instruments, and apply fluid mechanics principles on flat and curved surfaces, buoyant objects, closed piping systems, and pumping systems.

List of equipment in the hydraulics laboratory are as follows:

  • Open Channel (5 meter)
  • Hydraulic Bench
  • Jet of Impact Apparatus
  • Orifice Meter Apparatus
  • Venturi Meter
  • Center of Pressure Apparatus
  • Pressure Measurement Apparatus
  • Flow Measurement Apparatus
  • Lab In-Charge: Prof. Dr. Rezaul Karim

    Supporting Staff: Ijaj Mahmud Chowdhury

    Broad Research Areas Under This Lab: