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Research Lab: Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Laboratory of Islamic University of Technology is equipped with standard and advanced soils testing equipment for classification, compaction, shear strength and other types of tests on soils. The primary aim of Geotechnical Lab is to advance the theory and application of soil mechanics. This laboratory provides both students and faculty members with excellent opportunity to conduct quality research.

Geotechnical Laboratories include an equipment to run routine soil tests such as classification, compaction, relative density, unconfined compression, permeability, direct shear and consolidation. The laboratory also supports Field boring, testing and sample collection.

  • Consolidation Machine
  • Direct Shear Test Machine
  • Relative Density Test
  • Compaction Test
  • Unconfined Compression Test
  • Permeability Test: Constant Head
  • Atterberg Limits Test
  • Specific Gravity Test
  • Grain Size Analysis both Sieve and Hydrometer Test
  • Field Identification Test
  • Lab In-Charge: Prof. Dr. Hossain Md. Shahin

    Supporting Staff: Istiakur Rahman

    Broad Research Areas Under This Lab: