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Team from Dept. of CEE snatched the CHAMPION title in CIVIL RIVALRY 2017

CHAMPION!! How does that feel when announcer calls upon your name as a champion? Obviously great! We waited with cautious optimism as the announcer made his way to the stage. We were inching ever so closer to the moment of truth. Finally, the winners were announced. And, what do you know, we had made it. Me along with my partner Shadman alam shovik became the champion of Civil Rivalry 2017 hosted by Ahsanullah university of science and technology! We had to compete with 7 teams from BUET, 2 teams from IUT, 3 teams from AUST and more. Needless to say, we were elated! Even though we knew that we had done all that we could, it was still quite nerve-racking. Personally, I participated so many tournaments but this victory was made all the sweeter because we are the first team from the Civil Department to have won such a tournament. Winning the tournament was far more exciting than the anticipation of winning. The road to victory was even more exciting since we really enjoyed the problem we were tasked to solve – the issues that can arise with the Padma bridge. We felt like we were in a position to make a difference. As civil engineers, the problems we tackle and solve has the potential to affect millions of lives. We hope to participate in more tournaments and represent IUT with the ultimate goal being able to solve the actual problems that plague our world. I welcome you all new comers to participate in this type of events and bring glory for IUT and for CEE and for you as well. Hail IUT hail IUT CEE.

Shahriyar Al Mamun