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Afia Jahan Prema expressed her feelings after winning the Silver Trophy in 27th Annual Athletic Competition

I am one of the fortunate girls who got chance at IUT as IUT started enrolling female students from this very year. IUT organized its 27th Annual Athletic Competition on last 18 February 2017 on its campus. Being a sport enthusiast from an early age, I was really looking forward to the event. IUT awakened my inner athlete so I signed up for the day as early as I could. I managed to participate in the discus throw and grab first position and second in javelin. I jumped with joy! Winning two medals and the silver trophy, surely made me happy. Next time, I hope I'll be able to achieve the Golden Trophy as well as I'll highlight the name of my department. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. This day will be an everlasting memory for me.

Afia Jahan Prema